• Stefanie Plum

Newborn Baby Smiles - Brisbane

Capturing a baby smiling is somethings parents look forward to when their new little bundle of joy is born. But did you know babies can smile very early on whilst they are sleeping. Whether it's from wind or a dream, it's a fleeting moment that when captured can be a treasured memory.

Here is a compilation of gorgeous smiling babies I've had the pleasure of photographing.

After photographing hundreds of babies over the years I can usually spot the signs of a smile approaching. The breathing changes and their little eyes might flicker. Sometimes we even get little noises almost like a sleepy puppy and I wait ever so patiently with my camera ready and then when that gorgeous smile appears I'm ready to capture it as it may only last less than a second.

I love capturing a quick smile that Mum and Dad might not have even noticed, and then when I present their gallery to them it's such a beautiful surprise that they weren't expecting.

Sometimes parents stress before their photoshoot whether it's about their outfit choices or if their baby is going to sleep during their session. So when the smiles come out the gasps and laughter that erupt within the studio are always such a beautiful moment and the stress they felt earlier melts away.

Sometimes we capture more than smiles too! This gorgeous little boy smiled within a few seconds after this very adorable sad face!

I hope you enjoyed these gorgeous photos, please feel free to share the blog or leave me a comment of your favourite image.

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