• Stefanie Plum

Newborn Photography Brisbane - Photos of wide awake newborns

As expecting parents you plan everything the moment you find out you're pregnant, and you have a big list to get through! The Nursery, Pram, Carseat, Baby Names.. even the photos you want to have captured of your little one by their professional photographer.

So what do you do when your little one isn't sleeping at their photoshoot? Don't panic, awake babies are adorable and can be photographed in so many ways just like sleeping babies.

I've shared a small collection of just some of the gorgeous photos I've captured of little one's who were awake either for their entire shoot or at some point throughout. And I think you'll agree, they are all gorgeous!

Headband by the talented Halle-Mae

Whilst it might mean those sleepy newborn shots aren't easily achievable, we can still capture so many lovely memories. I really enjoy photographing their little personalities and the adorable expressions they make. If Mum and Dad were really keen on sleepy photos we capture what we can on the day and I invite them back in for a make up session and it's always so surprising to see the difference in baby a few days later.

First Photoshoot day he was not to keen on sleeping

But a few days later he was sound asleep the entire shoot!

I love the emotions that we can capture with an awake baby, look at this beautiful moment of little Eloise grasping her Dad's fingers! Gorgeous little Taj gave us the best expressions during his shoot, just look at those beautiful little eyes! Their appearance changes so much when they are alert and awake.

So if you're worried about your little one not sleeping for their portrait session, rest assured we can still capture beautiful images of them!