• Stefanie Plum

Brisbane Family Photographer - New location

I was on the look out for a gorgeous new location to photograph my Maternity and Family Photography sessions. I wanted a beautiful field with long grass and the golden light setting in behind the trees. And I found it! It's the perfect spot so I had to take my girls to test it out.

It was a warm day with not much breeze but I wanted that Autumn vibe so I carefully picked outfits that would suit. We all looked the part but photographing my own children is always more challenging than you would think.

We nicknamed these gorgeous long pink weeds "fluffies" because they were so soft and the girls liked feeling them "tickle" their legs and faces as we walked through them. Molly went ahead and picked a bunch so she had a bouquet of fluffies. She then didn't want to be photographed without them. Or let Ally touch them.. ahh siblings!

Ally is quite a strong willed little girl, if she doesn't want to do something she won't. So she decided she didn't want to stand near her sister or take any pictures with mummy. It's a pretty common occurrence at family sessions to have a child who all of a sudden doesn't want to participate. But thankfully we have tricks and ways to still capture lovely moments without putting the pressure on them to look and smile.

2 Years old and Full of Sass!

And my amazing mum captured all the shots of me with the girls, might have to promote her to assistant photographer! She has always loved photography and has a great eye for it. She photographed Ally's birth for me and captured some of the most treasured images I own.

Playing games with kids can also be a great way to capture their bond and closeness, some of my favourites that I use in my sessions are Ring around the Rosie and Simon Says. Kids love the games and it helps lighten the mood and let some natural smiles and laughter come out.

I just laugh when I see this image, it shows their personalities so much. Rather than just one image of them both smiling at the camera I have a whole series of images telling a story of their bond and our little adventure. Which is really what it's all about. I'm thinking I might print some big images for the walls but also make a gorgeous album so the girls can sit and look through the images together. These are way too beautiful to only be viewed on a phone screen!

I will be offering this new location for Family and Maternity Photography sessions so If you're interested get in touch and I can let you know the dates that are available. I will still have my more contemporary Park spot available as well so you can decide between the two locations.

A few people have asked where our outfits are from, The girls dresses and boots were all from Kmart and my dress was from Valleygirl. When choosing outfits I like to start with one piece you love. For me it was my dress I saw it and instantly fell in love with the colour and design. Then I chose the girls dresses and boots and selecting colours that would compliment each other but not feel too similar.